These are just a few examples of our Exterior-Hardscape Collections. Download the full 2023 Exterior-Hardscape Collections Catalog now

Natural outdoor spaces become the canvas for human creativity

Hardscaping offers limitless design possibilities to create outdoor living spaces conceived as a harmonic extension of the surrounding homes. Porches, patios, fire pits, pools, walkways, garden areas, rooftop terraces, outdoor kitchens are just some of the functional and stylish creations possible when we employ proper materials. From natural stones to ceramic tiles, wood, concrete and other products, we provide designers and architects with a wide palette to successfully realize their projects.

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Here are our recommendations on the most suitable materials in the field of exterior-hardscape, based on our many years of experience and collaboration with selected manufacturers.

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These are just a few examples of our Exterior-Hardscape Collections. Download the full 2023 Exterior-Hardscape Collections Catalog now

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Kerion Inspired by the beauty of the old victorian floor tiles, with a collection of several colors, complemented by a set of decors reminiscent of Art nouveau era. A combination of the past with technological innovation of the present.

Icône Bleu celebrates one of Europe's finest stone materials, Belgian Bluestone. Italgraniti has reinterpreted its inspiring material while retaining its geological history with harmonious color variations and a bright micro-grain. With its extensive ceramic know-how, Icône Bleu interprets modern architectonic surfaces in a brand-new way.

Columns made of natural stone.

The hand-made, 100% made in Italy, and natural terracotta bricks perfectly cover the pathway to this establishment surrounded by olive trees where people can enjoy an afternoon, peaceful moment. The terracotta bricks are still made with an ancient technique that brings beauty and value to a product that can sustain the impact of weather and last for long time.

Hand-made terracotta is the perfect product for around pools. The high degree of slip-resistance combined with the core material of this product, makes it ideal for this application. Water and the weather in general are not affecting the structure of the hand-made terracotta.

The handmade terracotta is the perfect product for exterior application. Every brick, 100% natural and ecological, with it's honey color and body of warm tones, typical of Umbria's land in Italy, makes a richness that completes all kind of ambient and satisfies every liking and requirement, in a precious and exclusive way.

San Luigi is a unique and historical Tuscan residence, providing spacious and luxuriously appointed accommodation, and is perfectly equipped for those who wish to enjoy the summer or winter in Southern Tuscany in Italy. The carefully selected floor of Villa San Luigi has been designed with entertaining in mind, whilst at the same time providing enough options for those who want a bit of peace and quiet to enjoy their own personal space. Cotto Sugaroni blends very well with the interior decoration as well with the external spaces.

This castle in Reschio, Italy is an ancient estate that combines the wild Umbrian countryside region with effortless Italian style. This thousand-year-old castle meticulously restored and stylishly reimagined into a dazzling hotel. An organic approach to design, creating beautiful rooms filled with comfort and wit, while artfully and subtly referencing the fascinating characters who once lived here. Many rooms have been "modernized" with Sugaroni hand-made terracotta to preserve the old look.

This Bucine Bluestone® has been installed in the "Scandicci" train station in Florence, Italy.

This natural stone is a very fine grain and dense sandstone with a high compression strength, wear and frost resistance. Because of its superior strength and the flamed finish that confers to the stone an anti-slip surface, it is perfect for this kind of exterior installation with a high-traffic area and exposed to the elements.

Bucine Bluestone®

Bucine Bluestone® was one of the main materials used by leading artists in the history of Florentine art and architecture, from ancient populations, through Renaissance to the early twentieth century. In this photo, Bucine Bluestone® with a "bush-hammered" finish has been installed in Via Tornabuoni in Florence, Italy.

The particular finish where the rough surface create a weathered texture has been chosen since is an outside installation exposed to a wet environments, and it was necessary to have a high slip resistance rating.

Bucine Bluestone®

This is a beautiful installation in Piazza Mazzini, Massa, Italy featuring the Bucine Bluestone® with a flamed finish. The surface of this beautiful natural stone has been processed to give it a very rough surface, alternated with soft mounts and depressions, that makes it perfect for high-traffic areas that requires both an anti-slip surface as well an elegant look.

Bucine Bluestone®

This grey-coloured sandstone, named Bucine Bluestone®, is featured on the floor of this living room in a rectangular size with a narrow grout joint. The traditional craftsmanship of stonecutters has evolved into a major industry and Bucine Bluestone is now used in new construction as well as in restoration works and is synonymous with strength and elegance. Bucine Bluestone® is especially used in historic and contemporary buildings in Tuscany, Italy and around the world.

Bucine Bluestone®

Bucine Bluestone® has physiochemical properties that make them suitable for buildings and street furniture as well as for use in design projects. This installation features a walkway with a large format Bucine Bluestone® that makes the ambience a peaceful place, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends.

Bucine Bluestone®

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