These are just a few examples of our Terracotta. Download the full 2024 Terracotta Collections Catalog now


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Since ancient times, terracotta has been used by men in everyday life and it has been widely used in the construction and design field. Today terracotta is a natural, versatile and biocompatible material able to give a touch of charm and elegance to any project. Its classic brick color makes every room warm and rustic, and modern production techniques allow  for a broader selection of color sets that fit contemporary aesthetics . Different types and shapes perfectly fit different uses, from floors to walls, and ceilings to roofs. Thanks to our partners we are well-equipped to advise you when choosing the best Italian terracotta for your projects.

These are just a few examples of our Terracotta Collections. Download the full 2024 Terracotta Collections Catalog now

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Kerion Inspired by the beauty of the old victorian floor tiles, with a collection of several colors, complemented by a set of decors reminiscent of Art nouveau era. A combination of the past with technological innovation of the present.

The hand-made, 100% made in Italy, and natural terracotta bricks perfectly cover the pathway to this establishment surrounded by olive trees where people can enjoy an afternoon, peaceful moment. The terracotta bricks are still made with an ancient technique that brings beauty and value to a product that can sustain the impact of weather and last for long time.

Hand-made terracotta is the perfect product for around pools. The high degree of slip-resistance combined with the core material of this product, makes it ideal for this application. Water and the weather in general are not affecting the structure of the hand-made terracotta.

The handmade terracotta is the perfect product for exterior application. Every brick, 100% natural and ecological, with it's honey color and body of warm tones, typical of Umbria's land in Italy, makes a richness that completes all kind of ambient and satisfies every liking and requirement, in a precious and exclusive way.

This castle in Reschio, Italy is an ancient estate that combines the wild Umbrian countryside region with effortless Italian style. This thousand-year-old castle meticulously restored and stylishly reimagined into a dazzling hotel. An organic approach to design, creating beautiful rooms filled with comfort and wit, while artfully and subtly referencing the fascinating characters who once lived here. Many rooms have been "modernized" with Sugaroni hand-made terracotta to preserve the old look.

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