Engineered Wood

These are just a few examples of our Engineered Wood. Download the full 2024 Engineered Wood Collections Catalog now


Engineered Wood

A unique material bringing the warmth of nature into every project

Nothing looks, sounds, feels, or even smells quite like natural wood. The use of real wood for floors always offers a unique charm and, thanks to its versatility, this material allows you to find ideal solutions for any type of project. The advantages are numerous: real wood is a natural, long-lasting and wear-resistant product, it is easy to care for and clean, and offers good thermal and acoustic insulation. It therefore represents an investment of value over time. Thanks to the commitment of companies that use wood from forests managed according to strict standards, real wood is also a sustainable product for the environment.

Engineered Wood best fields of use

These are just a few examples of our Engineered Wood Collections. Download the full 2024 Engineered Wood Collections Catalog now

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The Legni Naturali collection satisfies the need to feel the true nature of the essence of wood as it is in nature. From the autumn reddish of Cedar, Doussiè and Teak, passing through the tobacco color of Walnut and the warm and soft tones of Oak to arrive at the interweaving of tones full of strength and personality of the Olive. A wide range of sizes guarantees the right proportion with the size and needs of the environment.

The “Olivo” line is a real masterpiece, a hymn to Italy and Italian spirit due to its origin; a product that is an authentic representation of a place that couldn’t be created in any other context. This wooden floor that has a craft finishing of olive wood can offer unique and artistic patterns and has an aesthetical identity characterized by irregular and multicolored veins that distinguishes it from other materials. The olive parquet is really unique in its field and, thanks to its chromatic range, it allows to combine classical and modern furnishing styles. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, it has low thermal conductivity and can reduce noises coming from the tread thanks to an excellent acoustic isolation. It is a type of particularly hard wood and it is subjected to low variation in color in long periods.


This collection is characterized by the particular finish that ensures good protection of the surface while maintaining the natural appearance of the oak and which gives naturalness to the entire floor.

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