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These are just a few examples of our Ceramic Wall Tile. Download the full 2024 Ceramic Wall Tile Collections Catalog now

Urban Atelier

New Zellige

Ceramic Wall Tile

Where the colors of the landscape take shape between past and future

The oldest ceramic artifacts date back to 28,000 BC and around 9,000 BC there were traces of the first ceramic tiles. Today we call “ceramic” any of the distinct hard materials made by shaping and firing a nonmetallic mineral, such as clay, at a high temperature, like earthenware, porcelain, and brick. Over the last few centuries, Portugal and Italy have become countries of excellence for ceramic, and ceramic tiles in particular. In the mid-1900s the Italian market had become the largest in the world, thanks to production quality and design sophistication, and today it still represents a point of reference worldwide.

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These are just a few examples of our Ceramic Wall Tile Collections. Download the full 2024 Ceramic Wall Tile Collections Catalog now

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Koala takes its inspiration from the prestigious forms of eucalyptus wood, a plant that grows principally in Australia, where for centuries it has been used to produce furniture and stylish and functional architectural features.Based on the quality of this material, Imola has designed a new project that stands out for its perfect wood effects, sharp graphics, delicate graining and soft surfaces. All of which creates a unique sensation of sober and natural elegance.

Azuma is the embodiment of a new design philosophy inspired by Japan and its unique concept of space and residential design. Based on the complex material character of concrete, Imola offers solutions that are radically innovative while also being steeped in traditions stretching back thousands of years.All this is expressed in a ceramic product that represents a harmonious synthesis of industrial precision and craftsman-like care, solidity and lightness, carefully researched functionality and aesthetic inspiration.

Crystalline water laps the ceramic surface, warming it with the setting sun.Shades has drawn its inspiration from the Mediterranean light, colours and sensations that only that unique nature can evoke. The chromatic vibrations of Shades become veritable explosions of colours where the solar hues of beige, yellow, orange and red mix with the marine colours of white, aquamarine, blue and light blue to achieve bright, intense and energetic surfaces. The natural elements shape a dynamic and solar effect. The traditional ceramic colours and glazes have been reinterpreted with a contemporary approach that make Shades an extremely striking collection.

Urban Atelier, Sangue de Boi color is the perfect wall tile for this featured wall installed in a restaurant. In a rectangular size 2.5"x5.5" installed in a brick-joint, Urban Atelier communicates the notion of a luxurious artisan product while possessing a delicate handmade style aesthetic. Gifted with a suave and delicate movement, covered with a special glaze which offers an appealing visual depth, Urban Atelier offers a unique solution to decorate spaces with elevated sophistication and an highly personalized projects.

Urban Atelier

Inspired from the tradition of Zellige art, "New Zellige" is a collection of wall tile with a variety of contemporary and luminous colors that add a distinctive character in the creation of personalized spaces.
The line is offered in 9 colors, and complemented with two different mosaics that will help you to create decorative trends, and stimulate lively and sophisticated spaces.

New Zellige

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