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Wood, italian color, Cerámica Piú

Wood, lavander color, Cerámica Piú

Volterra, white, 6"x6", Cerámica Piú

Wood, olive color, Cerámica Piú

Wood, bianco color, Cerámica Piú

Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Argentina has an ancient tradition in the production of ceramics, and in recent years it has ranked third, after Brazil and Venezuela, in this production sector among the South American countries.

Since 1988 Ceramica Più has been dedicated to the production and sale of ceramic and glass for floor and wall coverings, using high-definition printing technology.

Its wide range of products goes from ceramics to glass, metal, marble and porcelain, and includes a very exclusive and complete line of mosaics produced in its plant in Buenos Aires.
The company constantly creates new products based on the latest design trends, producing both its own exclusive product lines as well as customized products based on client's needs.

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